Michael Davies-Eyre Retreat Modules

Module 1
Dates to follow 2025

An introduction to fitness and yoga movement

Practical Session

What is breathing correctly?

Introduction to the Tidal Breath and complete relaxation

Module 2
Dates to follow 2025

The benefits of Loma Viloma Yoga to your digestive health. Practical session

 Breathing Correctly to enhance mind and body health

Practical session – the Complete Breath with meditation and relaxation

Module 3
22nd June 2024

Discover the beauty of Vinyasa Yoga – movement and balance, to aid your hormonal wellbeing

Yoga Mandala and Meditation – colour therapy for personal healing

Module 4
27th July 2024

Develop powerful exercise techniques at home for life

Yantra Yoga – A powerful yoga therapy to break habits and behaviours

Stephanie Jones Retreat Modules

Module 1
Date to follow 2025

An introduction to the concept of Retreat and Meditation
Emotional information on Attachment and Detachment to benefit your life relationships


Module 2
Date to follow 2025

Spiritual Development about Life Energy, Chakras
Colour Breathing Relaxation


Module 3
22nd June 2024

Day of Spiritually Energetic Wisdom and Practicals using the Mayan Medicine Wheel harnessing the four elements and directions to increase awareness of health benefits and peace of mind


Module 4
27th July 2024

Spiritual Joy discovering the Appreciation and Awareness of life
Heart Energy Meditation

Retreat Programmes explained

Our current 4 day programme of practical workshops that make up our retreats has been designed to enhance your whole health and will take place throughout the year on a rolling programme.

We have designed the course to help and equip your journey through the year.

The programme is a Certificated and Comprehensive Wellness Course with all the necessary information and guides to aid your better future.


retreat into welness reteats 2023

Module Costs:

Each module is £110 to include a vegetarian lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

If you book all four modules you receive 10% discount at a cost of £396.

Payment options are available. Please ask us if you feel spreading the course cost is more realistic to help your budget.


Next Day Retreat Date

Module 3

Saturday 22nd June

9.30am - 4:30pm


10% DISCOUNT for Retreat Into Wellness

Friends and Family - ONLY £99

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Payment Options are available.

Please ask us if you feel spreading the course cost is more realistic to help your budget.

Please contact Michael or Stephanie directly to discuss



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Email: info@malindi.co.uk
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