Feedback from Retreat into Wellness
Module 1, 6th April 2024

Another successful day retreat here at Malindi Centre with Stephanie and Michael. A big thank you for those who came and found the day enlightening, relaxing and informative.

Comments made such as:
“Relaxing and very positive, I would recommend this to others. The lunch and refreshments were very satisfying.”

“Most positive for me was the exercise session and developing the realisation of how important this could be.”

“Malindi is a lovely safe place and there was a lovely pace to the day.”

“I would recommend this to others, as it has personal growth at its heart.”

“A beautiful lunch and refreshments, thank you.”

Feedback on Intro Day 2, 24th June 2023

Amazing Buffet. Totally relaxed, Lovely to share my Omni experience, positive breathing techniques. I would totally recommend this to others to help people understand the advantages of mindfulness and Omni. Day was presented well by Michael and Stephanie.
I feel really calm and relaxed and will take a lot away from today. Lunch was delicious. I would recommend this to others.
Very pleased with the content of the day, presented well by Stephanie and Michael. A very positive experience of energy and relaxation. Was able to relax and think about making changes. Lunch was excellent.
Excellent content of the day, Michael and Stephanie worked well and provided a safe space. It was a beautiful group and experience. I would definitely recommend this to others. Lunch was delicious.
Today was a very different experience, and very relaxing. I recommend this to others. Lunch and refreshments were very nice.

It was a positive introduction to spirituality; I was happy with the content and presentation by Michael and Stephanie. I enjoyed lunch. I would recommend this to others, the yoga and breathing exercises were effective.
Lunch was lovely. I enjoyed meeting like-minded passionate people. Realising that wellness is not just about exercise and nutrition. I feel awakened, it was a great day. Well-presented topics by Stephanie and Michael. I recommend this to others, possibly some may not be open. My role is to lead by example and show the benefits.
Karen F
A positive, relaxing day, reflections about personal journey. I recommend this to others; it is useful for self-reflection. Good day content presented in a good way by Michael and Stephanie. I was satisfied with lunch and refreshments.


Feedback on Module 2, 29th July 2023

My experiences today were all positive and I loved all of it. Lunch and refreshments were very healthy, great bread too. Stephanie and Michael are knowledgeable and make the day comfortably easy to make learning a happy experience, thank you.
I would recommend others to come for this course as it is an all-round learning experience for Mind, Body and Spirit. I have already booked for the remaining 2 courses.
This was a really relaxing day; my spirits were lifted. I did physical movement which I did not think was possible and enjoyed the experience. The group was very nice. Lunch and refreshments were perfect and delicious, thank you.
I was very happy with Michael and Stephanie; they made me feel that I can do anything and looked after me. After this day I feel ‘buzzing’. I recommend this course to anyone who wants to move forward in their life. Lunch was excellent and very healthy.
The whole day rated 5 stars, Michael and Stephanie are very informative. The group were lovely and very supportive. My emotions came out and this has not happened in a long time, I felt safe in this environment. Lunch and refreshments were absolutely beautiful, the food energised me.

 Feedback on Module 3, 30th September 2023

Every time I come to this retreat I learn a lot about myself. I find Stephanie’s contribution to these days absolutely invaluable. Food is nourishing and well balanced. All questions are answered effectively by Michael and Stephanie. I would definitely recommend this course to people, I find the breathing exercises and the spiritual side of it most beneficial.

I learned a lot about a range of therapies and quite a lot about myself. A truly lovely experience, with lovely people, thank you. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to others. By the way, refreshments and buffet lunch are excellent.

Today’s experience was a wonderful and excellent experience. The food was beautiful and nourishing. Thank you.



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